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About DS9 Continuing

When the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series ended in 1999 after 7 seasons, Pocket Books continued the story in a series of licensed tie-in novels, beginning with 2001's Avatar, by SD Perry. These books captured the essence of the TV series so perfectly that many fans considered them to be 'Season 8' of the show. 

As an aspiring writer, I decided to take those novels and adapt them into screenplays, as if they were indeed more episodes of the TV show. Thus were created my DS9 Season 8 and DS9 Season 9 projects (26 eps covering the novels Avatar to Unity, and 24 eps covering Unjoined to The Soul Key, respectively). 

In 2009, however, the DS9 novel line went on hiatus due to editorial upheaval at Pocket Books. This happened just as a major storyline, hinted and prepared for across multiple novels, was just about to begin in earnest. This left fans of the novels frustrated and eager to know "what happened next". 

Although the novels did return in time, several years had passed in-story in the meantime, and the aforementioned major storyline had been and gone. At the time, the editors and authors seemed to have no intention of explaining what had happened beyond the vaguest of hints, preferring instead to boldly go forward. 

So I decided to answer that question for them. Taking the hints laid into the existing novels before and after the break, extrapolating where I thought they might be headed, and weaving in my own story ideas, I created 22 episodes to finish the story that had been left unfinished – DS9 Season 10. And that was only the start... 

I do not lay any claim to ownership of this material. All intellectual property rights regarding Star Trek material both filmed and literary belong to CBS / Paramount, Pocket Books, and the talented writers and producers employed thereby. Any and all standard disclaimers regarding fan-fiction apply. Thank you, and enjoy. —Martyn

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